Must Die

by Del Dingoe

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This is the third and final solo album Del Dingoe is releasing and it intends the audience to re-arrange their brains through a total of 16 tracks. An apostate, since he began recording, Del Dingoe has renounced Catholicism, Alcoholism and Raptivism... and now without God, poison and hip hop, Del Dingoe Must Die.


released October 7, 2015

Featuring artists include:
Iron Tys, Wouldz, echs Incognito, Tiney Ted and Dj Tock.

Beat production on this album has been supplied by Tiney Ted, Chapps, echs Incognito and Del Dingoe himself.

Mixed by Del Dingoe and Bonezy 2Bladez
Mastered by Tiney Ted

Produced by Del Dingoe. Co-Produced by Tiney Ted




all rights reserved
Track Name: Intro the Breach
Gimme the floor and let me teach what the logos sends to me inadvertently, without searching arduously, got a bond with beings from another galaxy. Don't mean that metaphorically, but won't say what I mean and won't explain myself to the Critical Assessment Team.
Track Name: Embrace Death
This is my departure. So hate me and my tidings.
A bunch of spoilt white kids who never copped hidings -
run this thing called hip hop, in a very corporate manner.
Don't look at me like that... You're one of em ya spanner.
Track Name: Ruling Class
The atlas gets shrugged when socialism turns national,
objectivity applied make Ayn Rand look irrational.
Get in line for ya RFID and bow before me -
a place in my hierarchy is still initiatory.

See, if ya don't know the story, you're a waste of resources.
Get the fuck off my planet and take ya ignorant forces...
I keep tryin' to show ya freedom is the only greater good,
but most people are an argument for state-planned parenthood.
Track Name: Warriors Two feat. Tiney Ted
Livin' in the last days and laughin' at its' fast ways.
No future to invest in, so living in the past pays.
Track Name: Healthy Psychosis feat. echs Incognito
Ready for clearance Clarence, the vocab takes a beating.
The minds start melting. The Souls start the dancing -
to the rhythm of the physics of consciousness advancing
Track Name: Saturn
I see the reaper... over my shoulder,
holding a stopwatch as I grow older.
Gazing into the future I construct from the patterns -
of the past, and I've a knack for predicting shit that happens.
Track Name: Mark Me Not
I'm going to break it down, I can't indulge you with the proof.
I'll point to the mark of the beast as the material truth!
RFID technology is currently going into everything but us.
Cash is being phased out - like the gods we trust,
like our personal privacy. On the high seas of tyranny,
giving way to piracy. So those with eyes to see and ears that may hear,
YOU DON'T FEAR OWNERSHIP. You just forever steer clear.
Track Name: I Saw the Light
It was white, it was bright -
it was seductive and I allowed myself to be conductive.
It's like I did not blink for days, feeling strong and productive...
No longer destructive while I'm at this kind of height...
Track Name: Skin and Bone feat. Iron Tys
Stress less, chew your food well - it's said you'll live longer.
Some survive, some thrive and some mistakes make us stronger.
I watch the whole world go under, take deep breaths and backward steps
from any faith to which I've leapt, and should not have kept.
Track Name: Del Dingoe Must Die
I've got my Cortez's, graduatin' from you fuckheads.
Much love to my true friends... you know who you are -
even if I never did because I never defined friend,
so go with me to the breach and I'll have comrades to the end.
Track Name: Worthless feat. Wouldz
What's my direction, my purpose, my motivation?
Is every human really worth an attempt at salvation?
Is anything really worth a damn thing -
if any man can do anything that he pleases and pays for nothing?
Track Name: Never Ending
Honesty's not necessarily combined with loyalty,
and the people with the crowns - they aint always royalty.
History; it's written by some victorious types,
who can never live up to their propaganda and hype.
Track Name: Aleph He
Usually the universe has related to me the solution,
before I unknowingly manifest these songs of retribution.
Tear it all down, the scared ones can board the train,
and run from reality. On Earth, the brave will remain.
Track Name: Dans of Deception
Scour the history books, dissect the media machine
and see what's comin' from observin' all that has been -
all the way back to our primitive ancestors, the unknown
steers our evolution to a point we feel alone.
Track Name: Heaven Waits/Kundalini Rising
I try not to take it in and then I end up not facin'
reality and misplacin' the figments of my imagination.
My mind stops racin' to take a breath, but death keeps chasin'
So I stay lacin' beats with words I'm spacin' out to its' pace and
strategically like a mason, mystical like Mohammed,
but I ask one more time... WHO THE FUCK AM I?
Track Name: Live. Love. Have Fun.
Larry Emdur's just a dumb-arse. No Emdur's just an actor,
who knows to make you feel clever is the greatest factor.
The point I'm trying to make here; is these perceived buffons
are smarter than most dumb fucks listening to my tunes.